50+ Shades of Grey - The Alternative Color

Tommy Hilfiger
In this collection you will find elements in Gray or Grey (depending of the country where you are reading this from), the neutral and alternative color between black and white.

A color I long wanted to write about, with truly, many variations, and in fashion it is an awesome alternative, it adapts to any other color, allowing endless combinations with many other shade of colors.

SSS: Sexy Summer Shoes 2013 - Editor's Pick

Step up to the hot season with sexiest shoes ever. I have put together my top picks of this season for you to show off your looks, with iconic multicolored print wedges, platform sandals or a sexy strappy high heel sandal.

Get ready to fall head over heels..

Spring Must Haves for her and for him: Editor's Choice

Finally, spring is here, I definitely love the feeling. It's time for picnic, barbecue, beach volley, sun, and as I usually recommend, is time to update your winter beauty products with summer must haves, just as we normally do for our wardrobe.

Big brands, small tricks and exclusive addresses. Bellow you will find all the absolutely necessary rituals to prepare the skin to the sun exposure with the right tanning and hydrating lotions, to help us get in the summer mood with a sensual summer fragrance that awakens the senses.

Quoise Accessories: Handmade in N.Y. by Ashlie Darrel

American Stylist Ashlie Darrel, raised in the Washington D.C. area, educated in Europe and Latin America, has worked in New York with the world's most iconic fashion brands, and now she is making the turn of the world with her own brand: Quoise and Fashionista Smile is bringing this fashion scoop to the European market.

Blogger We Want You.. and I Want Grazia.it..!

Sono sempre entusiasta e partecipo volentieri alle iniziative messe a disposizione per noi blogger, ovviamente non esito a condividere questo progetto con i miei lettori e seguaci.

Si tratta di Grazia.it del Gruppo Mondadori, la redazione è alla ricerca di blogger talentuosi con voglia di mettersi in gioco. Certamente, mi sono inscritta, e sono nella fase di valutazione da parte della redazione. In tanto sogno ad occhi aperti con questo post motivazionale.

DIY: How to Make an Envelope Clutch Bag

Gaia Bermani Amaral at Police VIP Party
Have you seen celebrities walking the red carpet with very expensive clutch bags and thinking.. nice.. but I would never be able to afford that look. What if I would tell you that you can make one by yourself as nice as VIP style.? Would you like to know how to make a clutch in a few simple steps?

Read along and learn how to a make a clutch: with little materials, transforming your creativity into a stunning accessory that complements any outfit.

Schwarzkopf: Capelli più Forti con la Nuova Linea Fibre Force

Vuoi cambiare colore ed hair-style esattamente come cambiare vestito: sovente e senza capelli ultra-sfruttati, spenti, fragili, indomabili, refrattari ad accogliere qualsiasi nuovo look.

Oggi si può..

Dolce and Gabbana: Mosaic Queen - Fall 2013

Personally I think that women in the past have done so much to win the equality, but not for that the modern woman has to give up her femininity  There is nothing sadder in the world that a woman without femininity.

In fact, now the fight is just to help the woman regain her femininity: learn how to wear makeup, to dress, to take care of herself, to walk on heels, these are the things that a woman should learn regardless of his profession or lifestyle choice. But fortunately, the duo Dolce Gabbana has thought of everything that is needed to awaken our femininity.

Elie Saab: Modern Elegance Summer 2013

Elie Saab, collezione P/E 2013
This collection, made ​​especially of important evening dresses and gowns, wants to be an ode to the delicacy, with the lightness of embroidered tulle, with gradations of transparency. Flesh-colored dresses decorated with baroque motifs, shades of rose gold and copper abstract and floral themes to form a modern wealth.

Jil Sander: New Dandy - Fall 2013

Per la gioia dei maschi modaioli, Jil Sander ha messo in passerella a Milano, un uomo molto fashion, mescolando classicità e tendenze.