Blogger Spotlight: Roxie from "I Heart Dreaming"

This time the spotlight goes to Roxie, the girl behind the blog "I Heart Dreaming", she talks about DIY beauty tricks, fashion and lifestyle from a frugal point of view, and gives insights on developing and managing a blog, while encouraging you to be creative.

Hi , could you start by telling us a bit about yourself?
Hey everyone! My name is Roxie. I love shopping, beauty products, blogging, and traveling. 

Can you tell us about your blog, and what inspired you to start it?
My blog is called I Heart Dreaming. I blog about everything from beauty product reviews to the best homemade facial recipes. You can find it at 

How would you describe your own personal style?
My personal style is very casual. You can usually find me in a dark pair of jeans, a dressy top, and some flats. 

Where do you tend to buy your clothes, and why?
Some of my favorite stores are Macy’s and Kohl’s. They have such cute clothes at amazing prices. I never spend over $50 for a piece of clothing. 

What would you spend a lot of money on
A good handbag is something I would spend a little more one Michael Kors is my favorite designer.  

Where do you find the inspiration for your blog posts?
My blog posts are based off of my day to day life. If I am going on a trip I will share what I am packing. My favorite type of posts to write I reviews because they share what I am loving. 

What is the biggest challenge about fashion blogging?
The hardest thing about blogging is finding an audience that comes back regulating to your blog. It has been really rewarding to watch my blog grow to the place it’s at now 

What do you love most about blogging?
To go along with that I love getting to know my readers. I am thankful for everyone who checks out my blog, but I am especially thankful to the people who take time out to leave a comment. I love interacting with my readers. 

How many times a week do you post? 
I try to post three times a week, sometimes more and sometimes less depending on my work schedule. 

Where do you see your blog in the next five years?
In the next five years I would love to blog full time. I hope that my blog continues to grow and evolve.

Thank you Roxie for sharing with us, but most of all for sharing your love for blogging. Otherwise what’s the point of being a blogger.. right?
If you would like to connect with her, please visit her blog, and follow her on the diverse social networks

(Courtesy I Heart Dreaming - Press Office)