50+ Shades of Grey - The Alternative Color

Tommy Hilfiger
In this collection you will find elements in Gray or Grey (depending of the country where you are reading this from), the neutral and alternative color between black and white.

A color I long wanted to write about, with truly, many variations, and in fashion it is an awesome alternative, it adapts to any other color, allowing endless combinations with many other shade of colors.

A color of its own personality, it may look dark or light, depending on what other color it is combined with. 

The gray color is also associated with mental power, reflection and the brain, the grey matter an important component of our nervous system.

It is also the color of negotiation, experts say it is ideal to wear gray when you have to solve conflicts of gray areas.

Any relation with the erotic romance 50 shades of grey? Just pure coincidence. Enjoy it.

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