Venezuelan Spring 2014: Freedom is in Fashion

In the spring of 2011, the media was talking about the "Arab Spring".

In 2014,. I dream of the arrival of the "Venezuelan Spring", after the civil resistance movements that are happening in Venezuela, with strikes, demonstrations, marches, the use of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to communicate and spread the events in despite the attempts of state repression.
Caracas Skyline by Night - Courtesy of Nanopress

I am not an expert in politics, I do not have a magic solution to what is happening in my home country, I only have a passion for fashion, a movement of peace where there are no boundaries, where the "fashionistas" from the Americas to Oceania are exchange trends and collections, and it is for this reason that I wanted to present some trends for this spring 2014 with the Venezuelan tricolor.

Total Knock Out Bag Yellow Snake Print by Zashadu 

Cobalt Blue Shoulder Bag by Mel Boteri 

Monroe Shoulder Bag Ruby by Jane Goodchild 

My nostalgia increases when I think that in the past corporations were competing for a slice of the Venezuelan market. Designers such as Venezuelan Carolina Herrera, and Dominican Oscar de la Renta showed their collections to Venezuelans buyers season after season, my first notions of fashion and poise, I had them in Venezuela, my first fashion shows and hair shows, everything revolved around the contest of Miss Venezuela. Fortunately, the international public opinion is with the Venezuelan people, as evidenced by the intervention of Jared Leto at the Oscars Academy Awards 2014.

For spring 2014, other proposals with the tricolor of the Venezuelan flag.

As of this from Ralph Lauren Collection in bright yellow like Venezuela's sun and gold.

Available in store or on Ralph

(Courtesy Ralph Lauren - Press Office)

This dress from the Ralph Lauren Collection in cobalt blue as the seas that surround Venezuela, is a must for spring 2014.

Available in store or on Ralph

(Courtesy Ralph Lauren - Press Office)

This dress from the Ralph Lauren Collection, in red like the passion that exists in the hearts of all Venezuelans, also reminds me of the style of dress that wore the women of the Venezuelan Guajira.

Available in store or on Ralph

(Courtesy Ralph Lauren - Press Office)

Centro Ciudad Comercial La Cascada - Los Teques D.F.

Passion for fashion and shopping remains among Venezuelans, where huge malls are the main focus of the Venezuelan cities, hopefully soon to sprout tourist activities in the Venezuelan spring.

Cayo Sombrero - Coro - Falcon

I hope that through dialogue can be solved everything and everyone can win, to restore peace, prosperity and freedom of Venezuela.