The story behind Fashionista Smile

Always more often people from the fashion community are contacting me to know about my story.

So I have decided to pubblish an interview for LookSoup, to share the story behind my fashion adventure:

- Why and how did you start blogging?
I started 8 years ago with a personal blog, I used it to post my modeling pictures in order to the agencies could see my work. 5 years later I completely eliminated my blog, because I did not want to model anymore.
However the fashion bug followed me, everyone who knew me kept asking me advise about fashion, beauty, personal style, or about getting a job in the fashion business, so I thought that maybe more people could benefit from my passion for fasshion. I started collaboirating in some forums, answering fashion and beauty questions, sometimes I did not get enough information or tips from what it was on the internet, so 3 years ago, I created FashionistaSmile, a blog to share fashion and beauty trends and tips. 
The name of my blog comes from the film "The Mona Lisa Smile" with Julia Roberts who plays a free-thinking art professor teaching conservative 50's girls to question their traditional societal roles. That is how I feel about fashion, you always have to keep an open mind. Besides, Julia is my hero, she said no to botox, I did too, you can be beautiful without botox.

- Your one favorite/weirdest experience or story with blogging
I never thought I could have followers from all over the world, it feels real weird when people from different continents and cultures let me know they follow my advise about personal style. I have followers from the Americas to the Oceania, it is amazing.

- What are you aiming for? What do you want to achieve by blogging?
Thanks to my blog I have been able to relate with brands and companies in the fashion community that I respect and admire, some of them have turned into a friendship more than a business relationship. The possibility to achieve this in life is a great reward for me. I would like to see my blog grow and contribute to make the fashion community stay together just like a family. There is no fashion if nobody buys it. That's why blogging about a trend or a brand is so important.

- Your opinion on the fashion of today and where is it heading?
Everything is changing in the fashion industry so drastically. That is what I call the fashion cycle. The  cycle reflects the acceptance of a single style from one designer, or a general style.
I started modeling when I was 13th and none of the facilities that we have today existed. It was so difficult for models to get discovered, now there is an entire list of agencies on the internet all you have to do is send an email to them. The same with blogging, the brands are now so open minded and willing to collaborate, thanks to the media and the shopping communities the entire fashion industry will become more democratic.
Consumers are the most important part of the fashion industry, without customers there is no trend or fashion to sell. The fashion industry will always succeed as long as these three components will be present: style, acceptance and timeliness. Consumers must buy and wear a style to make it a fashion. For a brand acceptance from its consumers is very important:

Follow Me on LookSoup- What kind of place would you like LookSoup to be? 
LookSoup is the perfect place to promote and exchange a fashion style, while building followers. The community is ever growing and bringing new fashion ideas from all over the world. These elements will make of LookSoup a landmark in the fashion community. The next step for LookSoup should be a reward program for bloggers. At least I hope so. Because LookSoup has all the components needed to do it.