Monetize your Blog with Fashion Traffic

This time I want to talk to my collegue bloggers about Fashion Traffic, a platform where you can turn your hobby and love of blogging into a source of income. 

Through Fashion Traffic, the fashion trends and products you recommend can make you commissions. This works through our deep linked pictures. 


Once you post a picture that is deep linked, they track to see if someone clicks on it and ultimately buys what it is you posted. If a sale is generated then you make a commission. 

They have different campaigns, including Pay-Per-Click campaigns, meaning that even if someone clicks on your picture Fashion Traffic pays you a commission.

Fashion Traffic the registration is free and there is no maintenance fee. You only gain in earnings. For every sale (or even click in certain instances) you generate through your blog with Fashion Traffic pictures, you earn a commission.

Go ahead and register to Fashion Traffic and let me know about any comments you may have.