Hairstyle - Men Are From Mars

Confirming the fact that men are always on the search for new galaxies, the new hairstyle collection Cyborg Men by kpO is inspired on sci-fi styles and hair fashion á la Mr. Spock. A crop cut masterpiece contrasting with precisely faded sides, an artistically structured style. No room for imperfection.

Cyborg Men points the way towards a visionary hair fashion future, a natural/artificial style evolution. Including creations that defy mainstream fashion and invent fashion cyborgs with hight-tech cuts, like Hybrid Warriors with high volume fades, Transformer 2.0 with long crops or Trend Terminator with an urban fade buzz cut. 

Trend Setter Hairstylist
Germany based, Klaus Peter Ochs, President Mondial with his collections invents fashion visions and trends used to modify and reinvent man hairstyles everyday, in the age of individualism.

Award Winning Hairstyles
The cosmopolitan visionary is President of the elite Intercoiffure Mondial association, and an unstoppable innovator. His intuition for trends is ahead of his time, and he has been awarded the “Grand Trophée de la Presse” by the AIPP International Hair Magazine Association multiple times. International magazine EsteticaDesign selected him as one of the ten best hair stylists in the world. In 2016, kpO received the International Legend Award at the Royal Albert Hall London, receiving the Federal Cross of Merit for his work as a businessman in the hairdressing industry. 

This trend collection, Cyborg Men 2019/20 displays an ultimate fashion spirit, and the best of two worlds: Self-optimization through highly precise, technical cuts.

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(Courtesy kpO - Press Office)