Men's Fashion: Tips for Outfitting Yourself on Any Occassion

Fashionista Smile puts together some tips to create a fashionable men's look.
Take a look at some examples of what to wear and how to style it, like a real Fashionista.
Avoid hard to match patterns, anything with pleats or cuffs at the bottom, prefer neutral and solid colors, less is more even for men, like these flat front chinos are great for casual pants, yet polished.
(Courtesy HoweClothing - Press Office)

You don't have to spend a fortune to have good style, take care of the things you have and keep them looking like new,  on a bad style day, just wear at least one element that will make you feel comfortable with yourself.
A solid slim-fitting suit will get you the best table to dinner on a big city, like these suits from HoweClothing.

(Courtesy HoweClothing - Press Office)

Regardless of the brand and or how much you pay for it, get a sharp white button-down shirt that fits your size properly.
Tip: Keep the ring around the collar away with the white collar protectors $10.95 on

Investing in a good pair of shoes is not only for women, lace-up shoes like these Perry Ellis, very cool and stylish, the easiest colors to match are black, dark blue or brown, keep them always clean and shined.
Another stylish option is leather laced-up boots like these by Chukka, matched to tailored pants or even a suit for dinner.

(Courtesy Chukka - Press Office)

For a sporty look, wear a Lacoste polo shirt, in timeless solid colors  like black, white, or blue, and make sure it fits you well.
Match it with a sports branded cap like these from Lacoste. No trucker's hats please.

(Courtesy Lacoste - Press Office)
Pair it with some sneakers, like these Nike Airmax or Nike hi-tops in various shapes and colors, have fun with them, just (don’t over) do it.

(Courtesy Nike - Press Office)

When heading to an outdoors destination, avoid feeling out of place, bring these summer's wardrobe essentials, a pair of these shorts from Rodd and Gunn will do the treak.

Complete your great outdoors outfit with this perfect printed summer shirting short sleeve shirt from Rodd and Gunn

Courtesy Rodd and Gunn)

In terms of accessories, the men's watch could be vintage or basic, if done properly, size does not matter.

Be careful when choosing bracelets, again don’t overdo it and don’t try too hard, it should be an element to make a statement, but don't exaggerate it.

Another must have for the outdoors, is a pair of sunglasses, I suggest you a timeless design, like the Police sunglasses, of course it is a personal choice, just make sure they fit your face type properly and you feel good in them.

(Courtesy Police - Press Office)

While traveling wear something comfortable, like a pair of fitted jeans like these, buy jeans that fit your size and body type, avoid wearing skinny or oversize jeans, match them to a jacket like this from Howe Clothing for a touch of casual yet sought after, make sure is fitted.

Pack on a great bag that would represent you and your personality, like this weekender from Graf and Lantz.

(Courtesy Graf and Lantz - Press Office)