Les Cinq Amandes: Create Your Own Special Candy, Bite This!

The Five Almonds - Les Cinq Amandes is the ultimate source of fine confections, favors and gifts, a place where artistry meets confectionary, curating the finest candies from around the world, in an array of colors and mouth watering flavors, including the Grand Cru Avola Almond, to create unique, delicious, beautiful, elegant, fashionable and affordable gift presentations. 

Every big event in life is commemorated with something sweet; weddings, engagements, graduation parties, births, holidays; new year's, all have included candy as part of the celebration, symbolizing the sweet beginning of a new phase in life. Now you can enhance that special moment and bring out your personal touch with Les Cinq Amandes, The Five Almonds party favors.

A fashionista is all about creativity, uniqueness and personalised style, that especially applies to life events, always looking for brands that can add a personal touch to your style. Look no further, with Les Cinq Amandes you can create your own custom sweet gifts through their interactive, fun and user friendly online store and shipping everything directly to you, perfectly confectioned. 

Fine and beautiful artisanal confections curated from around the world, in unique, elegant, pleasant, and artistic presentations created to match your event, holiday, interior, company or simply your taste and budget. The sweet beginnings of a new phase in life: Les Cinq Amandes, a place where tradition and sweetness meet 

Les Cinq Amandes, The Five Almonds, has a long history tied to weddings and celebrations. The ancient Romans served Sicilian Almonds coated with honey to wedding's guests until the introduction of sugar in the 15th century. During the Italian Renaissance period, Florence, Italy was the major production center of sugared almonds. The powerful Florentine Medici Family introduced dragées to all the Royal European courts. In fact, when Catherine de Medici married the future King Henry II of France in 1533, her chefs dazzled wedding guests with these sweet, flavorful, and crunchy confections: a special candy for special occasions.

Les Cinq Amandes, founded in CT by a mother and daughter duo in 2007, has hundreds of sweet renditions that are unique, the five almonds tradition have a beautiful five wishes associated with gift giving, which make this party presents even more meaningful. All these special made gifts are wrapped with elegant Five Wishes paper. each telling a story, of a special journey tied to the universal wishes of Health, Happiness, Long Life, Peace, and Love: a real feast to the five senses.

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