VFNO Rome 2012 Highlights

It's great living the Vogue Fashion Night Out through my blog and sharing with my readers some highlights of  all the events organized in Rome. 

What a night..

On thursday september 13th, an atmosphere of happiness and positiveness wrapped up all the shops of Rome from Via del Corso,  Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, Via dei Condotti to the Spanish Steps.

Luckly, my dream and sincere desire that the Vogue Fashion's Night Out spreads all over the entire Italian territory it's becoming a reality, year after year the Italian VFNO is getting bigger and better. This year the VFNO madness did not limit only to the shops in the cities of Milan and Rome, it went all the way to Firenze and also to the McArthurGlen Designer Outlets of Castel Romano (near Rome) and Barberino (near Firenze).

What else can I say?..Initiatives like these are great for the economy, bringing business and jobs to the cities, and at the same time contribute to charity. I am so greatfull to the Vogue Organization for this initiative.

The picture bellow, it's at the McArthurGlen Designer Outlets of Castel Romano, where the VFNO special discounts were extented for the 14th,15th and 16th of september.

This picture it's at La Rinascente on Via del Corso.

At the Sisley Store on Via del Corso, with DJ Set and the new Winter Collection it was a very trendy party.

The atmosphere on the streets of Rome for the VFNO was absolutely divine.

Chasing more trends while enjoying a glass of the finest Italian Sparklin Wine.

At The Nespresso Boutique on Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, one of the private parties I was kindly invited by the Connexia PR Agency, for the launch of the New Crealto Capsule, with DJ Set and Show Tasting, it was absolutely "the party" of the night..

The perfect occassion to buy one of the exclusive VFNO items for my collection, a VFNO Shpper by Nespresso, (proceeds contributes to raise funds destined to the people affected by the earthquake in the Italian region of Emilia Romagna).

At the Nespresso Boutique, I've enjoyed the delicacies prepared by Chef Simone Rugiati during his show Tasting, designed to emphasize certain organoleptic properties of amazing taste of the New Crealto Capsule.

At the Louis Vuitton Boutique, some models entertained the night.

At the Louis Vuitton Boutique with DJ Set.

At the Louis Vuitton Boutique in Rome.

The VFNO party continued with stores open all night.

At the Stroili Oro Boutique it was gold fever, they applied a gold tatoo on my neckline.

Models posing for a photo shoot, going on by the streets of Rome.

The worldwide e-commerce website Zalando IT, had a real party on the road.

The Zalando IT promoters where delivering a €10,00 voucher to be applied on the next purchase on their website. Great Initiative..

The party mood did not calm down, no matter what.

The Street party by Via dei Condotti, by the Dior Boutique was amazing.

More of the street party by the Spanish Steps.

On the Spanish Steps, the party atmosphere is always going.

E 'bello vivere la Vogue Fashion Night Out attraverso il mio blog e condividere con i miei lettori alcuni highlight dell'evento. Che notte ..

Un clima di felicità e positività avvolto tutti i negozi da Via del Corso, Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, Via dei Condotti a the Spanish Steps.

E il mio sogno e sincero desiderio che la notte del Vogue Fashion Night Out si diffonda in tutto il territorio italiano sta diventando una realtà, anno dopo anno, la VFNO italiano è sempre più grande e migliore. Quest'anno la follia VFNO non si limita solo ai negozi nelle città di Milano e Roma, è andato fino a Firenze e anche per i McArthurGlen Designer Outlet di Castel Romano (vicino Roma) e Barberino (vicino a Firenze).

Che altro posso dire? .. Iniziative come queste sono l'ideale per l'economia, portando affari e posti di lavoro nelle città, e al tempo stesso contribuisce ad una buona causa. Sono così grata all'Organizzazione Vogue per questa iniziativa.