Bohemian Rhapsody - Ralph Lauren Collection Spring 2013

"For Spring 2013, I was inspired by a vibrant bohemian spirit, the artistry of things handmade and personal style that is as rich as it is romantic." - Ralph Lauren 

This Summer 2013 Collection has a hint of the Barrocan style, which was proposed for the Fall 2012 Winter 2013, and I think it is great that Ralph Lauren is mixing it with the Bohemian style in this always sexy and feminine collection.

The Bohemian Style, it's a lifestyle more than a trend, it embraces the clothing, the accessories and even the music, cuisine and home decorations.

I am so in love with this Collection, to completely understand the trend I really suggest you to take a trip to Prague, where you will see the Charles Bridge, Prague's Palace and find entire boutiques where you can buy the authentic Bohemian Chrystal.

Each design on this Collection, reppresents a resident of the Bohemian Kingdom, very unconventional and very artistic people.

The Bohemian region, that in modern-day we know as the Czech Republic, is were this romantic collection was inspired from.

This Ralph Lauren Collection is to me, a blend an unconventional lifestyle, arts, music and handmade items.

As I see each of these outfits, I keep thinking of Prague, and they remind me of the Bohemiam Folkloristic Shows I saw by the Danubi River. An inspiration of a very romantic flair.

(Courtesy Ralph Lauren - Press Office)