Discover Aventino Watches Inspired by the Ethernal City

The fashion radar of Fashionista Smile this time lands in Rome where the foundation of the city is the inspiration to create the finest watches, with the perfect balance between craftmanship and affortability, working together to make out of every Aventino watch a masterpiece.

The city of Rome, at 2774 years from its foundation, still mantains alive its original personality, creativity and sense of style, that is exactly what the Aventino brand focuses on with every creation, making you look stylish and unforgetable just like the city of Rome.
Discover the Imperium Series 
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Every Aventino watch is designed in partnership the world's finest manufacturers, applying the highest standards just like any high-end brand to create the most fashionable masterpiece.
Discover the Lunar Series 
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Every product has a personal touch from the Aventino team, made up of young and versatile fashion and style enthusiasts with a global outlook. Each part of the watch is finished to the tiniest details to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and easy calibration. 
Discover the Gladius Series 
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Aventino watches not only tell time, but there is a story that defines time and changes the way time is used. You can show off your style, looking like you run an empire, without breaking the bank.
Discover the Gemini Series 
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Where Can I buy the Aventino Watches?
The main focus of the brand is to deliver a fashionable watch at an affortable price, since they are sold exclusively online, they cut the middle-men and the retail store price.
The online shop offers secure worldwide shipping, following the highest customer satisfaction standards and quality control. 
Every order comes with a money back guarantee and warranty.
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About The Brand
The Aventino Hill, one of the seven hills in which took place the foundation of Rome, was once a suburb of the ancient Roman city.
Today it is a place for a pleasant walk away from the noise of the modern city below.
The rise of this once insignificant city inspired the creation of this unique brand.
The Aventino watches represent an unflinching desire to create an unbeatable fashion standard.

(Courtesy Aventino Watches - Press Office)