Ralph Lauren: Eclectic and Glamour - Fall 2014

At the New York fashion week, Ralph Lauren created a very unique show by presenting on the same runway the casual looks of Polo Ralph Lauren and the luxury looks of Ralph Lauren Collection.

Eclectic and glamour, the two main characteristics of the RL style, the same characteristics that will predominate during the fall 2014 wardrobe of any fashionista, just by getting hints bellow.

Cool Eclectic Spirit
From the casual looks of Polo Ralph Lauren, and for the happiness of every fashionista, the leggings continue to be a best friend to complement the look.

To this fall look, Polo Ralph Lauren added great personality by matching a printed skirt to a blazer, for a touch of elegance.

"I love the contrast of Polo's cool eclectic spirit with the luxury and modern glamour of Collection. Each represent my vision of the individuality and style of the world of Ralph Lauren." --Ralph Lauren

Luxury and Modern Glamour
This very sleek look from the Ralph Lauren.Collection mixes perfectly the luxury of a cashmere sweater with the modernity of a split silk skirt.  

Tailored elements are present in this look from the Ralph Lauren.Collection, mixing feminine hues on the jacket and on the coat with the austere palazzo pants, for total elegance.

Like a queen with her cape, this look from the Ralph Lauren.Collection takes the runway, proposing a totally feminine deep V neck silk dress, paired with a long cape for total sensuality.

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(Courtesy of Ralph Lauren - Press Office)