Designers: Boost Your Own Brand with Cityblis and Issuu

Cityblis is an online fashion community where customers can ‘buy direct from the designer’ with over 3,000 men's and women's clothing, shoe and accessory brands, Cityblis curates fashion for users direct from the designer, empowering designers to build brands. 

Now Cityblis has teamed up with Issuu to bring together fashion magazines, fashion networks, procurement houses, runway events and trade shows under one roof to make local designers visible to an international audience.

Issuu is the fastest growing digital publishing service platform in the world, that reimagines the print experience by connecting people to the content of over 14 million publications for which they have great passion.

Brands need two things to be successful - sales and marketing. And this is what this partnership is designed to do. With Cityblis' eCommerce infrastructure and Issuu's digital publishing capabilities these two companies are looking to disrupt the entire fashion industry.

The partnership enables Cityblis to distribute stories, articles, catalogs, collections and a whole host of digital media to over 15 million publishers across Issuu magazines. What this all means is that boutique brands will now have the same opportunity to reach new customers.

Fashion lovers will now have the opportunity to find new brands in one centralized place on without having to scour boutiques and the internet.

(Courtesy of Cityblis - Press Office)