Ralph Lauren: Neon and 60's Inspired - Spring 2014

At the New York Fashion Week, Ralph Lauren presented the Spring/Summer 2014 Ready to Wear Collection and Fashionista Smile takes you backstage to see the celebrities and top beauty trends for the next summer 2014 and takes you to the runway where Ralph Lauren is proposing a very unique collection with monochrome geek chic elements, fluro skirt suits and bright sweeping gowns.

Everyone wants to see the catwalk, but it’s backstage where a true fashionista gets close and personal with the hair, makeup, accessories and fashion trends before they hit the runway, and Fashionista Smile takes you there to see in private what trends Ralph Lauren is setting for the next summer.

Backstage with Karlie Kloss, getting ready to go on the catwalk, wearing a cobalt blue evening dress, a dress that soon will become an object of desire among Fashionistas.

Many hours before the Ralph Lauren fashion show even begins, the hair and make-up teams set up their stations with products, tools and mood boards, to create this straight hair and natural make up look that will set the trend for the new season.

Backstage, Jessica Alba is leaving everyone speechless with this extraordinary feminine and romantic Ralph Lauren pink chiffon skirt and black cropped knit jumper matched with strappy sandals.

On the Ralph Lauren runway, sexy schoolgirls in ties among the graphic black and white elements, monochromatic prints, floral coats, pinstripe peplum jackets and beautifully tailored three piece suits cut in a grid print and finished off with a dapper cropped flower motif tie.

Like this black/white Greek key leather trench coat, white cotton shirt, black patent leather mini skirt and black patent booties.

London was calling loud and clear in this Sixties-referenced segment like this black/white Greek key jacquard sweater top, black/white Greek key jacquard sweater mini skirt, Greek key printed calf soft Ricky bag and black patent pump

High octane neon hues on simple shift dresses (all with bags in a matching color and practical low heeled black patent leather shoes) or short skirt/short jacket combos.

Like this lime ottoman ribbed sweater dress, lime patent soft bag called Ricky 18 and black/lime patent sandal.

A striking array of bright colors like orange, emerald, yellow, mixed with clean and optimistic shapes still rooted in the sixties.

Like this yellow leather jacket, black knit top, yellow leather mini skirt, yellow patent chain Ricky bag and black patent pump.

Adorable, colorful and feminine short day-wear options like this bright green leather coat, black knit top, bright green leather mini skirt, bright green patent chain Ricky bag, black patent pump w/ RL ornament.

Ralph Lauren proposes for the summer's evenings streamlined silk evening gowns, embellished with just a touch of ruffles along a single shoulder or a hemline to add an extra dash of femininity.

Among one of the prettiest looks of evening, this cobalt blue silk gazaar evening dress with black patent sandals.on Karlie Kloss.

This Ralph Lauren collection completes with a few fine all white outfits (the man really can cut an amazing suit for a woman)

Like this off-white silk cotton sateen jacket, off-white silk cotton sateen vest, white cotton shirt, off-white silk cotton sateen pant and white patent sandals.

A white petal-covered short skirt in beaded organza and teamed with a ribbed sweater top – to leave the streets of London firmly behind and return to uptown New York chic.

Like this white silk cady dress, black patent mini clutch with RL ornament and black patent sandals.

And finally a touch of all black look among the evening looks like this black cady jacket, white cotton shirt, black double faced wool pant and black patent pumps.

A flowing all red cady evening dress designed by Ralph Lauren matched with black patent sandals is destined to be timeless in this super feminine collection.

(Courtesy of Ralph Lauren - Press Office)