Preshopp: Can You Imagine a World without Fashion Bloggers?

That was a question from Ijeoma Nelson, Founder and Creator of, a fashion search engine that will be launched to the public soon.

Well, my answer is: Nooo. 

Since I started this fashion adventure, I have been able to reach out to the brands I love and admire,  to discover emerging designers and talents, to establish relationships with fellow bloggers, fashion communities  and aspiring fashionistas,  to work with fabulous P.R.'s, Brand Managers and Advertisers from the fashion system based all over the world.

Talking about brands, that includes the Italian brands I adore, respect and admire, even though sometimes it may not be easy to get access to them, compared to American brands or any other market. Now, anyone that had worked in Italy or with Italian brands, from one side or the other side of the "Ocean" like me, may understand what I am talking about.  I'm not sure if they are just jealous of their work or just so monopolistic regarding the distribution of their brands that they sometimes refuse to open to new ways to promote their brands, taking away the beauty of the democratic aspect of the fashion system. 

A fashion democracy that we all bloggers are aiming for daily, and for a moment I thought that it was only my impression, the fact that it was easier for me to contact and get contacted by my loved American, European and Australian brands than it was to contact and be contacted by my adored Italian brands.

As I always say: "There is no fashion without consumers to buy a trend" that is the true of the fashion cycle. You can design the most beautiful collection, produce tons of high quality items beautifully stocked in your warehouse, but if you don't spread the word about your new trend, brand or collection, there is no fashion to be bought by the consumers.

Then I read an article from (ironically) "The Blog from the Editor" of Vogue Italia, Franca Sozzani, giving some sort of a negative stereotype to the bloggers, wondering if we were just a cultural phenomenon of an epidemic issue. With a bothersome feeling about why are brands giving us so much importance. Personally, I think that coherence it's a very important factor in life and at work, but the fact that the editor of Vogue Italia thinks that bloggers are useless while herself is using a "Blog" format to write and get audience, makes me smile. After all, blogging might not be such a bad idea, then.

Fortunately, us bloggers, are part of a worldwide community, where we support each other, because we love what we do. That is my main message on this article. Fortunately, there is people that believe and invest in us bloggers, and that is the case of  Ijeoma Nelson, Founder and Creator of, giving the opportunity to every blogger to be part of her project. If you are an aspiring blogger, go ahead and join, and don't worry about what the press might think about bloggers, just keep blogging your life away.