Prada: A True Fashionista Man - Fall 2013

The collection Prada Fall 2013 is inspired to the bourgeois and cultured man. A true Fashionista.

On the runway young and not so young men, dressed in Prada from head to toe, suits in pied-de-poule and Vichy checkered shirts, slim trousers a bit short on big shoes and no socks. Classic coat with velvet collar a little flamboyant.

All that was classic no longer is, the colors: from yellow to dark red and blue, combined with each other without controversy. Colored brownish leather jacket, worn over slim trousers cut short and thick shoes in dark red leather.

So much for the aged leather jackets and coats, for the yellow jacket. Many classic wool overcoat that shows a flamboyant velvet collar and the black suit worn with blue checked shirt with jabot. Everything is slim but not tight and sacrificed, everything is very refined, not muscular and but thoughtful, very pleased and intellectually narcissus, as the true fashionistas.

(Courtesy Prada - Press Office)