Etro: Digital Architecture - Women's Fall 2013

The fashion designer Veronica Etro proposes for autumn 2013 and winter 2014, a reworking of digital and optical illusions of domes, Gothic stained glass, frescoes and tapestries, related to the world of architecture mixing signs of European and Asian origin: fragments of Indian shawls, Tibetan mandalas and porcelain of St. Petersburg.

Everything overlaps with only one base color, black. Then it is a kaleidoscope of colors, from coral amethyst, from yellow to silver. Linear and turn to the body, the silhouette marks the waist down to her feet in long dresses, coats mind for the volumes are oversize.

A continuous twisting and distortion: drawings, which seem to dissolve in a game of perspectives, to become an animal motif. The Etro shoes, for the next cold season, are pointed, with stiletto heels in hammered metal.

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