StyleSays: Real People, Real Style

Some time ago, I talked to you on a previous article about becoming a Featured  Stylist on StyleSays.

Today I am very excited to announce that on Monday July 9th the newest version of will open to the public with the help of a select group of fashion brands and bloggers.  

I was honored to participate to the creation of the new StyleSays, through brainstorm, test, and feedback on the Beta version of the new StyleSays website. 

Benefiting brands, bloggers and consumers. StyleSays is changing the way women discover new styles by capturing fashion images from around the world and attaching retail website links so shoppers can purchase each outfit item online. 

What if you could walk into a room full of stylish people, immediately know what they were wearing and where they bought it, and have the ability to purchase any piece of their outfit with the click of a button? Now you can. opens its doors to the public with a way for online members to discover and purchase the outfits of the most fashionable people from around the world. StyleSays tags every item from a photo of an amazing outfit and provides links to purchase each item, as well as similar items at different price points. Founder and creative director Jess Lam told me “we’re capturing fashion from around the world and turning it into shoppable looks so that the fashion savvy can easily try new styles.”

The new version of StyleSays is launching with over 30,000 members and 2,000 fashion bloggers busily creating dozens of styles every hour.  Founder and creative director Jess Lam said that much of their inspiration came from working closely with fashion bloggers and seeing how tedious distributing their content and gaining new readers was. On the new StyleSays bloggers can send content to multiple social networks with one click, request collaborations with each other, and gain new readers by simply importing existing blog posts.

How it works
Stylists from around the world import fashion images, called Styles, then tag related items to make the outfit easily accessible to other members. Members follow their favorite stylists, bloggers, stores and celebrities to stay up on hot new looks ranging from office chic to beach wear to red carpet and much more. 

Benefits for Brands
Over 100 hours were spent interviewing shoppers, bloggers, and stylists to deeply understand the way they find and purchase clothing. The most frequent and predictable purchases are made when a shopper discovers an item worn by friends, celebrities, and familiar fashion bloggers. By placing individual items in a real life context the clothing becomes relatable to shoppers.

Brands can benefit by importing look books, blog posts, and other fashion related content then tagging the related items. StyleSays also partners with brands that fit well with our core audience to promote new clothing through giveaways and featured look books. Featured look books are featured on the most trafficked pages. Partnering brands are promoted on the StyleSays social media channels. In the near future brands will be able to manage their own pages, promote new lines, and track engagement with StyleSays members.

Benefits for Bloggers
StyleSays was redesigned from the ground up with fashion bloggers in mind. To make distributing content easier bloggers can publish to multiple social networks like Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Blogger with plans to add Lookbook and Chictopia in the near future.

Bloggers will be able to initiate collaborations with other members with similar styles or audiences. Most importantly you’ll be able to gain new readers by simply adding your existing posts to the StyleSays community. This will allow bloggers to focus on what they enjoy most, sharing their personal style and inspiring others.

Next Steps
By the end of July StyleSays will implement an affiliate program to reward members that create value for certain brands. Will also launch a mobile version of StyleSays and add a feature for asking style advice.

Company History
StyleSays is a fashion community powered by the same team that created ModeTip, an easy way to share opinions, stories, and style tips on clothing and outfits. We’re a team of designers, engineers, and stylists that constantly thinks about the experience of discovering clothes you’ll love. Our approach is very user centered, meaning every decision we make is based on something we learn from our members. At the end of the day our goal is to help shoppers confidently expand and evolve their personal style.

Check out the awesome new StyleSays design and signup for a membership today!