If My Shoes Could Talk: Sole Sisters

When I learned about the Sole Sister project, I thought of it as a nice opportunity to share my biography from a different perspective.

I could not just limit to one pair of shoe (just like shopping) so I have decided to talk about several special shoes that have come along with me during these years, of every kind of shoes you can imagine:  from Caribbean shoes in Venezuela to Cawboy boots in U.S.A. to Stiletto shoes in Italy. 

I contacted the producers and briefly wrote:  "I would like to contribute and share something unique and inspiring related our shoes, and perhaps explain how they reflect our body image. I was born in Venezuela (South America) of italian parents, lived in Florida (U.S.A.) for 11 years and have transfered to Italy (Europe) 9 years ago. A lot of shoe and landscape changing in the meantime.."

The producers wrote back to me saying: "Wow! That is quite a travel story. We would love to have your story."  So, here I go..

If My Shoes Could Ttalk..What Would They Say? 
They would say.. Go ahead and travel the world.. I will keep the pace and change along with you..

Source: kidsinchic.com via Lina on Pinterest

One very special pair of shoes that came instantly to my mind, were the red ballerinas in patented leather, that my mother bought to me when I was about seven years old. I just loved the color, they gave me that lovely girly look when I wore them on sundays to go to church that still cannot erase from my memory.

Source: lyst.com via Lina on Pinterest

Other iconic shoes during my teenage were the classic Converse high-tops, the All-Star sneaker with the classic bold star on the ankle, a very American shoe trend that became part of the 1980's uniform for almost evry teenager in Venezuela.. when the happy days of economic boom were part of the journey.

Source: lyst.com via Lina on Pinterest
Another pair of shoes stored in my memory, comes from my teenage, when I was 13th, I walked the runway for the first time on a hairshow*, I wore for the occassion a white, 5 inches (12cm) high heel pumps, they just gave me a model look and attitude, when I stepped out of the runway I felt like the next top model, and you know what? I even had a standing ovation.and when I got backstage everyone congratulated me for my runway job, my overall model look and attitude. I surely felt sassy in those shoes.

*Backstage picture of a Schwarzkopf Hair Show (I'm the one holding the N.1, with the galactic hairstyle,   with the big star and a planet on my head)

The pair of shoes that I wore just once but won't throw away are my wedding shoes: a two piece stiletto shoes, in satin cream white with little crystals details, they looked like the cindirella's shoe and I surely felt like living a fairytale while walking down the aisle on my wedding day.
(My wedding shoes by Gabriele Fogli Photographer) 

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