Sole Sisters: What is Your Shoe Story?

This time I want to write about a very special project that I am participating and I would like to share with my readers, my family, my friends, my fans and followers worldwide.

It is called  SOLE SISTERS, a film project that empowers women through storytelling and community.

I encourage you to partecipate and let the world know.. What is your shoe story? If your shoes could talk what would they say about you?
Go ahead and be a part of The Film. The Community. The Stories!

Every woman has a shoe story that reveals her identity. From her first wobbly steps in baby shoes, to a sassy strut in new red stiletto heels, to a slow shuffle in worn bedroom slippers, SOLE SISTERS will journey through the different stages of a woman's life in a feature-length documentary. Now you can be part of this project. Join forces with award-winning filmmaker Cynthia Salzman Mondell of Media Projects as she collects women’s stories and mounts the financial campaign for her SOLE SISTERS film project. Share intimate, never-before-told stories about your relationship with your shoes on the "Post and Read Shoe Stories" page. Make a donation to the project on the "Get Involved" page. We also welcome your comments on our blog posts and discussion on the Facebook fan page. Become a part of our community outreach efforts at the"Community Outreach" page.

What Would Your Shoes Say?
Send a photo of you and your shoe or just your shoe and complete the phrase, “If my shoes could talk…“
Photos recommended to be 2MB – 5MB JPEG
20 words or less to accompany the photo and complete the phrase in any way that you want.
Send To:
All submissions grant permission to be included as part of, “If my shoes could talk…” at

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