Imane Ayissi - Dark Chocolate Is The Top Couture Trend for FW23/24

From the couture collection of Imane Ayissi on the last day of Paris Couture week, a very warm and tasty trend as dark chocolate cake was found from our Trend Radar for this Fall Winter 2023/2024, the outfits seem coming from tasty Perugia's Eurochocolate.

This collection an echo of the work of Paul Chmaroff, above all a pure search for lines, shapes, volumes, movements, colors and textures. 

The designer realized an aesthetic research questioning its environmental impact, which is both a constraint, a limitation to creativity and at the same time an incentive to be more creative with these constraints. 

Creating a collection made essentially of natural fibers, including linen, undoubtedly the most ecological fiber, in combination with silk, or bamboo viscose, the manufacturing of which has a low ecological impact. and which is bio-degradable, and embroidery made from fabric scraps. 

Also were used fibers and textiles characteristic of the African continent: raffia from Cameroon and Madagascar, Obom (patched tree bark) from Cameroon, tinted bazin from Cameroon, Adire from Mali and Nigeria, Kenté from Ghana.

Discover the entire collection and shop on his official website.

(Courtesy of Imane Ayissi - Press Office)