Richard Ginori's “Totem” an Award Winning Collection

Florence state of the art brand, Richard Ginori, famous for its Italian production of artistic pure porcelain since 1735, was the Tableware International Awards of Excellence 2019 winner in the “Decorative” category for its “Totem” collection, becoming the 280 year old worldwide celebrity of the Italian craftsmanship.

Inspired by nature, the wildest muse of them all, the Totem collection draws on the 18th-century decorative tradition found in all the stately homes, in which symbolic animals were depicted on cups.

This contemporary, pure porcelain collection is embellished with bold tones and colour pairings inspired by the natural world. Animals ranging from squirrels, a symbol of vision and purity, to penguins, for love and loyalty, monkeys, for playfulness and curiosity, camels, for trust and strength, and elephants, which represent ancient wisdom and memory, are depicted on trays, boxes, plates and coin trays, with these figures adorning the tops of lids and the insides of boxes. 

Every item in the collection can be customised with an inscription, phrase or memory. It is a way of adding a more personal touch, whether as a means of expressing one’s own style or as a truly unique gift.

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(Courtesy Richard Ginori - Press Office)