Get in Shape with Advanced Green Tea Extract

Do you want to get the shape of celebrity Nicole Scherzinger? Regardless to say to sign up to the closest gym you have and eat healthy food, that's a must-do, but for many of us it's not enough to get real results, that's when we need Advanced Green Tea Extract for the extra bust. So we put it to the test and that's what we found..

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What is Green Tea Extract with Vitamin C?
Is a specialized caffeine-free blend of Green Tea Extract and Vitamin C to fortify the immune system and provide a variety of invaluable health benefits, such as fat burning and lower cholesterol, designed by Zenwise Labs, with 100% natural ingredients, made in the USA.

Why Is This Supplement So Effective?

  • Green Tea Extract is plant-based supplement that has been shown to assist with weight loss and cholesterol reduction, as well as potentially lessening the risk of heart disease, diabetes and brain diseases. 
  • Vitamin C polyphenols of Green Tea can help increase antioxidant protection against free radicals to promote a stronger immune system and healthier well-being.

How Long Should I Take It For?
The length of the treatment may vary depending on your needs and your personal situation.
For weight control: you will see favorable results within a few weeks.
For weight loss: it may take up to 60 days to see the results. To speed up the process take Advanced Green Tea Extract supplement before exercising. Studies have shown that men and women can burn 17% more fat when using it before workout regimens.
Even though the primary focus of this product is for fat burning purposes, you may also begin to feel more physically energetic, mentally alert and better protected against free radicals that could lead to common illnesses.

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