September 20, 2014

Say Hi to the Fall Season with Turquoise

Light up the dull fall season by adding to your look a touch of old world charm mixed with new school fabrications, with timeless treasures and enchanted gemstones.

Fashionista Smile wants you to discover these unique pieces, coveted by jewelry lovers around the world.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Multiple Strand (Rice Shape) Necklace and Sterling Silver Pendant 
Suggested Price: $580,00

(Courtesy Rincon Trading - Press Office)

Turquoise is a beautiful blue stone, believed to be of protection against negative energy, it is said to bring good fortune to its wearer. Compliment your look with an "east meets west" allure.
Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Nugget Necklace w/Sterling Silver Nuggets 25 Inch Length.
Suggested Price: $875,00

(Courtesy Rincon Trading - Press Office)

Over 30 years of experience in the gemstone business, Rincon Trading Co. LLC has been involved in the mining industry, growing into a leading provider of beads, cabochons, jewelry and gemstone carvings for the retail and wholesale market. Buying mine-direct from domestic and overseas sources, while  insuring high quality products  Rincon Trading is able to extend significant cost savings thanks to direct deals with overseas cutting factories.

Turquoise jewelry will never go out of style, it has graced the necks of Egyptian Pharaohs and adorned the ceremonial dress of early native Americans. Get passionate about all things turquoise (including jewelry), and surf the Rincon Trading website, to discover a vast variety of elements created with precious stones.

Give to your outfit a lively pop of color. weather you are wearing a little black dress or an intricate blouse in neutral colors a turquoise necklace can be exactly what you need to take your look to the next level.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise with Sterling Silver Necklace
Suggested Price: $875,00

(Courtesy Rincon Trading - Press Office)