"The No Make-Up" Make-Up® of Victoria Jackson

This time the spotlight goes to Hollywood's make up artist Victoria Jackson and her new Foundation Duo.

Read along and find out the secrets and application tips to a fresh make up that looks perfectly sheer and well blended, and also, you will find a special offer with discount code for the Fashionistas.

Victoria Jackson Cosmetics - The "No Make-Up" Make-Up® was developed with the intention to help women discover their true inner and outer beauty and empower them to take charge of their own destiny.

"When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you can change your life." says Jackson. 

Victoria has always believed that self-esteem is the key to success and makeup can be an integral part of that process. It was on this principle that Victoria Jackson Cosmetics was born.

The secret to Victoria's "No Make Up" Make-Up ®...
Victoria's Oil-Free Creme Foundation Duo is a Sheer, buildable formula. Two skin-perfecting shades can be used alone or blended together to exactly match your complexion. Victoria's foundation is ideal because it gives you all the coverage you need without added layers. Also ideal for concealing problem areas such as under-eye circles.

Use the Light Duo for Fair and Ivory skin tones.
Use the Medium Duo for Light-Medium to Beige skin tone that become tan in the sun.
Use the Tan Duo for Olive and Golden skin tones and for women with a slightly darker complexion.

Application Tips: Victoria Jackson Oil-Free Creme Foundation Duo

Most women only need a light application of foundation. Always remember...less is best.

There are two shades in each compact; chances are that one of the two is perfect for your skin tone. If not, you can mix the two shades to get a perfect match for your tone.

To mix: Dab sponge lightly in each, concentrating more on lighter or darker color to match with neck color (only a small amount is needed).

Turn face and apply foundation to jawline and lower cheek. Does it match with neck color? (Note: Always apply foundation in downward motion to minimize impact of any facial hair).

Foundation on face should be applied very lightly, so that your skin is visible underneath. Foundation is prettiest when blended into your skin rather than sitting on top of your skin.

When color is perfect, start covering entire face. The more you work with the foundation on your sponge (without adding more foundation) the smoother, more sheer the foundation effect will be.

Remember to blend all around jawline, under jawline, into hairline, on ear lobes (if they are different color), around nose, around eye up to the bottom lash line and under the brow.

If one area of face needs a touch more concentration of coverage, apply lightly in that area using a dabbing touch.

Hurry, you can buy Victoria Jackson Oil-Free Creme Foundation Duo directly on the official website: www.vmakeup.com

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