Calvin Klein: Urban Primitive - Summer 2014

Calvin Klein is proposing  for the Spring 2014 a hyper feminine Collection with deconstruction of elements. A cultural mélange of primitive and urban influences intertwined with intricate weaving techniques and infused with modernity.

A painterly canvas. The Calvin Klein brand’s signature black and white, permeated with unexpected color. 

A return to fundamentals. Sporty, effortless, yet sophisticated separates. Drawing from menswear, an over-sized t shirt becomes the foundation. 

A play on proportions introduces light, textural jackets with emphasized volume in back. Simple forms and shapes are transformed with texture.

Primary hues of red and emerald appear in precise, variegated threading, or in broad strokes, as in a bold, emerald handwoven cotton tweed coat that embodies the season’s spirited energy.

Soft leathers and paperweight snake-skins are perforated, stitched and pleated for exotic coats, t shirts and wrap skirts. Eclectic combinations. A woven leather or snakeskin sandal, featuring a lacquered bottom with a stacked heel, pairs matte and sheen. 

Utilitarian painter’s pants with extended cuffs are refined in luxe fabrications. Laser-cut and threaded skirts complement the collection’s layered, textural look. 

Eveningwear is at once organic and modern with meticulously frayed crépe mesh and feather embroidered tulle dresses. A sandal with a variation on the silhouette, crafted with a sculpted rubber base, juxtaposes natural aesthetics with a modern, athletic appeal. 

Intricacy and depth. Exquisite, handwoven textiles define the collection and introduce subtle eccentricities, from cotton tweeds to patchwork knits. 

The season opens with a beautiful double faced cotton silk canvas lined with vibrant mélanges and transitions into a diversity of elaborate thread work, with multi-color embroidered stitching on jacquards and silks. 

Graphic patterns emerge with ‘urban tribal’ wovens and leather/silk basket weaves. Natural fibers and snakeskin are intertwined with technical yarns for a balance of contrasts. The bag of the season explores volume with an over-sized, dowel frame clutch designed in urbane materials.

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(Photos Dan Lecca)