Scrapbook Russia Part 1: The Moscow-Vita

For some of us the summer holidays are now over.

This year I chose a seven-day holiday in Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg) organized by Boscolo Travel, but before the wonderful memories this vacation will fade away I rush to write a summary of my experience in Russia, beginning with a tour of the city of Moscow

The Russian cuisine is very good, and the typical restaurants in Moscow are so many, I love those in historic buildings with costumed waiters, I recommend going to the restaurant Prazecka, I highly recommend the traditional Russian salad accompanied by fish, shrimp and caviar, simply unsurpassed.

Foolproof the Stroganoff soup but also the Pel'meni, a delicious handmade pasta similar to the italian ravioli stuffed with meat, also very good the stuffed duck, desserts are delicious, the inevitable Bliny (crepes) can be filled with the ricotta, but also accompanied with red and black caviar.

Thanks to Susanna, the wonderful guide and also teacher of History at the University of Moscow, a young Muscovite woman, very intelligent, with whom I enjoyed a guided tour with explanations in detail of the history and culture of the city of Moscow has always been the very heart of Russia.

A city full of many 'fashion inspirations' is no coincidence that the best designers devote entire collections to the Russian style. Moscow is a glittering metropolis, with magnificent boulevards, full of splendid buildings and churches in Byzantine and Baroque Muscovite style, but also ultra-modern skyscrapers, wonderful shopping malls, the best designer stores and busy restaurants.

Inevitable the visit to Red Square, the beautiful St. Basil's Cathedral and the beautiful Church of Our Lady of Kazan, the Bolshoi Theatre, Tverskaya Boulevard, also very impressive the viewpoint of the city from the hills of Lomonosov University.

The city is so beautiful that in its every corner the Muscovites newlyweds immortalize their wedding day with photographic services in the gardens and monumental squares.

A city of about 12 million people, in the Muscovite atmosphere, you feel an air of snobby, friendly and chic at the same time. People simply adorable.

I recommend you to take a ride in the Moscow metro, the various stations are considered a true underground museum of the Russian capital.

In our hotel was celebrated the marriage of a young couple of Russians, enticed by the engaging music, the animator of the party asked me to dance along with all the other young guests. And so I snuck in a Russian wedding. Everyone was lovely, in the photo, after the traditional throwing of the bouquet, the bride and groom and guests are enjoying the cake cutting to the beat of DJ sets.

Another milestone is the infallible fifteenth century Novodevichy Monastery, fully decorated in precious frescoes, which unfortunately it is not allowed to photograph, but they remained etched in my memory.

The Kremlin: UNESCO's World Heritage Site, a citadel, fortress and the original nucleus of the city, which operates precious works of art, palaces and churches with bulbous domes.

The Kremlin: always been a symbol of power, the Tsar was living there and now houses government and presidential offices. Inside are the cathedrals with glittering golden domes and interior covered with beautiful frescoes, but also the beautiful presidential garden.

Not far from the Kremlin, there are the beautiful Gum shopping mall, this historic mall accomplished in the year 2013, over 120 years of foundation, with all its stores of the most prestigious brands, in addition to the traditional Russian artisan shops.

In Moscow the nightlife continues until late from one bar and the other, especially along Arbat Street, one of the oldest streets of Moscow, with many bars that frame the sweet life of the Muscovite, what I have called "The Moscow-Vita". infallible an aperitif at the Vogue Cafe on Arbat Street.

For a VIP dinner, I recommend the restaurant Chekhov on Kamergersky lane in central Moscow, I really liked how the chef perfectly combines ingredients and modern elements to the traditional Russian cuisine combined with a first class service, in costume of course

(Images from Fashionista Smile)