Theme Park Look - Heat, Water and Fun Proof

Here we are, summer is heating up, and the time is perfect for theme parks, water games, stunt shows, and anything that is having fun related. I just spent the weekend at Rainbow Magicland in Roma (Italy), and while I was preparing for the fun I thought about some principles that might help you to have a good time while taking care of yourself.

As any fashionista would do just make sure you have everything necessary to have fun in a fashion manner. That means a look from head to toe that is fun proof while taking care of your skin, hair and body.

Sweating could cause dehydration, and that is a big enemy of our skin. Drink water or sport drinks rich of potassium and integrate with multi-mineral supplements during the hot season, minerals help you avoid water retention and fainting while we are exposed to the big heat. 

I love theme parks, the ones I love the most include water games, pools and water slides. At the same time you might want to take pictures to document the moment. Therefore, make sure your look is fashionable, that includes a comfortable-chic bathing suit, a have found that trikinis are a great option, no risk to miss a part while going doing the water slides, besides they complement the outfit in an effortless way. Also, a water resistant make up will do the trick, so your look resort look will stay up to the end of the day.

Prepare and protect your skin from the inside to the outside, integrating with vitamin E supplements or Beta-carotene might help you get a beautiful skin tone while protecting from free radicals. Also, applying moisturizing cream with sun proof factor is vital for the skin. Applying hair products with a sun proof factor are absolutely necessary as well as a leave-in conditioner, before and after the fun.

The Look
There are many options to achieve a fun theme park look, some fashionistas love to wear denim shorts or pants when going to amusement parks, also leggings are very chic and comfortable. You can give a more feminine look, with an easy breezy mid-length halter dress, a light weight bolero to protect your shoulders from the sun, easy to take off and hide away when necessary while wearing a trikini or bathing suit under the dress for a fun splash in the water. A cross-body water proof bag will complement the outfit.

Now, you are ready to have all the fun and splash into the summer in perfect beauty.

Photo Fashionista Smile at Rainbow Magicland (Roma) Italy