Ralph Lauren: Pink Pony Initiative On Tumblr

The Ralph Lauren brand has asked me to do a small but beautiful action that I would like to share with each of you.

Ralph Lauren's social media and PR team have launched the Pink Pony initiative on Tumblr and it's becoming a massive success. 

They have posted an animated GIF for Pink Pony on Tumblr and asked the community to "reblog" or "like" the image. 

With every "note" (combination of reblogs and likes) Ralph Lauren donates $1 to Pink Pony up to $25,000. 

Ralph Lauren was the first fashion brand to do a program like this with Tumblr. 

Their goal was to reach 25,000 "notes" (actions on Tumblr) in the month of October and they not only surpassed this goal within 24 hours of posting, they are currently at 31K notes and counting. 

Go to the Ralph Lauren's Tumblr Link: http://ralphlauren.tumblr.com/post/33365569940/ralph-lauren-pink-pony-for-each-note-on-this If you are on Tumblr yourself, please be sure to reblog.

I have also reblogged from my Tumblr account: 
I want to dedicate this little action to the strong and courageous women that have won the fight against cancer and also the ones that perhaps were not able to win the battle, may this action help the research for a cure.

See all the information about Ralph Lauren Pink Pony on their corporate website.

Ciao Bloggers,

Il marchio Ralph  Lauren mi ha chiesto una piccola ma bellissima azione che voglio condividere con ognuna di Voi.

Quest’anno il marchio Ralph Lauren ha deciso di coinvolgere anche il mondo del web, attraverso una raccolta dedicata su Tumblr. Per ogni “like” o “reblog” Ralph Lauren si impegna a donare 1 euro alla ricerca.

Qui sotto trovate il blog  Tumblr di Ralph Lauren: http://ralphlauren.tumblr.com/post/33365569940/ralph-lauren-pink-pony-for-each-note-on-this Se sei su Tumblr, per favore clicca "like" o "reblog".

Io ho già condiviso sul mio account di Tumblr:
Voglio dedicare questa piccola azione alle donne forti e coraggiose che hanno vinto la lotta contro il cancro e anche quelle che forse non hanno potuto vincere la battaglia, spero questa azione può aiutare la ricerca per una cura.

Ralph Lauren da anni promuove una campagna contro il cancro al seno e dedica il mese di ottobre alla raccolta fondi per la ricerca, vedi tutte le informazioni sull'iniziativa PINK PONY sul loro sito ufficiale:

Images from Simonetta Degano
Ralph Lauren Press Office Italy