Paris Fashion Week - Stéphane Rolland Haute Couture Summer 2024

A collection inspired by the dunes of the desert, with its fullness and infinite depth and sensuality. Stéphane Rolland evokes a serene atmosphere: each woman protects herself and curls up in a cocoon, hidden and revealed. 

Dawn, ochre and pink tones: the rock is browning. A terracotta cashmere burnous, an oversized hooded tunic in powdered rosewood gazar, East and West meet and mingle to converge in a precious balance. Oud Bark: A long brown silhouette in veiled satin and brushed steel, another in an asymmetrical scarf draped in sunburnt gazar, the seams braided in leather and embroidered with crystal. Gold bursts with audacity and light, an almost visionary ornament for a nomad of tomorrow. 

A balaclava of chains, sculptural headdresses cascading down to the hollow of the loins, or articulated cuffs and long earstuds in diamond-set gold... Her path, like a pilgrimage. Long tunics of white gazar and caftans adorned with sand roses in porcelain or gold silicone. A jumpsuit becomes a saroual, a draped muslin gown. Gauze drapes around the legs like the ripples of sand in the wind, a silk houppelande wraps around the shoulders and falls to the ground. 

The look is regal and proud. A Première: Adorned for a few dresses with brand new jewellery pieces paved with diamonds created by the couturier. The excessiveness of chiselled stones set in white gold or brown gold like bark. Sculptural and organic. Raw origins and extreme sophistication. The woman is a work of art. Gold calligraphy embroidered on a taupe-coloured vicuna tunic, gold silicone mosaics tucked between the folds of an immense Mikado breastplate... treasures rediscovered. 

Mysterious. Moucharabieh bustier in black leather barely concealing the mouth on a body sheathed in beige satin. The knotted hair is draped in a turban and adorned with long fringes of leather, gold or sculpted metal. Tribal, an ivory gauze coat embroidered with platinum dreadlocks and a deep black tunic studded with silver chains. Dusk: the sun fades. 

The long desert procession pauses for a moment. Deep Tuareg blue, in a giant wrap dress of cut raffia, embroidered with diamonds. A melting pot of different, inspiring cultures. Stéphane Rolland, surrounded by artists and visual artists, brings back the first roots, letting the origins appear and merge.

Discover the entire collection on the official website stephanerolland

Art Direction and Production Pierre Martinez
Hair By Johan Hellstrom @BJORN AXEN
Make Up By Tom Sapin @MAC

(Courtesy Stéphane Rolland - Press Office)