Fitness: 14 Day Skinny Teatox

Boost your metabolism, loose weight and burn calories in 14 Days with Skinny Teatox, North America's #1 detoxifying tea with 100% natural herbal leaves.

Add it to your healthy diet and to your work out routine to maximize its results.

What Is 14 Day Skinny Teatox?
Is a 100% natural, no chemicals, no preservatives, gluten free, GMO free, nut free, detoxifying herbal tea 14 day program.

Why Is Skinny Teatox So Effective?
The 14 Day Teatox is ideal for:
-Weight loss 
-Burn calories 
-Boost metabolism 
-Suppress appetite 
-Increase energy levels 

How Should I Take It?
The Skinny Teatox is a two step-program.
One cup of the morning tea (loose leaves) a weight loss stimulant, suppressing appetite, increasing your energy levels, increasing your metabolism to burn more fat during the day.
One cup of the evening tea (bagged leaves) a colon cleanse which detoxifies your body while helping you to loose weight, take it every other day.

Where Can I Buy It?
The Skinny Teatox is available online on
Suggested sale price $32.00
Shipping available in the U.S. and most places around the world.

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