Intercoiffure Mondial: Diversity Inspired Hair Fashion - 2014

Intercoiffure Mondial revealed the newest collection of hair trends which include an ethnic touch and a mix of multiculturalism, created in collaboration with the most famous hair stylist from all around the world. 

Where east meets west: to create four high-fashion looks that will become worldwide trends.

Produced in Bali:, the Diversity Collection 2014, an exotic location of beaches, streets and markets are the scenario of summer love, Asian flirt and magical charm. 

A 60’s revival, reminds us how fun it is to break the rules. Mod Fusion styles are playful and fully at ease. For independent girls that are energetic and love life. As any trendy girl, you want to be seen, and are your life’s artists, inspired by Bali's happy summer feeling, this multicolored mood of purple and blonde, mixed with heavenly blue.

Androgynous, progressive, this Mod Fusion hairstyle emphasizes adventure and activity. It is young, daring and totally crazy. Platinum boyish undercuts express a youthful, exciting and free attitude. 

This extra-short bob in blonde with joyful blue highlights, gives an iconic, rebellious, funny girl with a 60's retro touch. Mod Fusion as a sexily swinging sixties style with cheekbone grazing cuts and ultra-short fringes.

Fashion is in the breeze. The sun rises and fashionistas explore the island's summer hotspots. Sunny blond and modern shortcut has a rock-and-roll appeal; a mix of toughness and desire.

This Black Sand look is colorful and seductive with flattering fringes, this mid-length bob can be worn naturally or sleeky wet. Just do what you want as long as you have fun. 

A pure chignon of sophisticated and classical lines, is contemporary and innovative in a style that evokes tradition. Black Sand chignons do have a fragile charm; airy and dreamlike.

Make a difference; make her mark on the universe. Strong geometric cut with an asymmetric fringe and eccentric colors: a blend of salt, pepper and paprika. Spice Trail styles are taking hair fashion to the next level. Inspiration in nature with extraordinary shapes and creative color-ideas.

Mocha, caramel or chocolate mousse? Two-tone browns are the main color-trends the Intercoiffure hairstylist are proposing to the Brunettes matched to a soft shaped bob and a geometric fringe with a designed curve.

Sublime colors and a graphical haircut are the ingredients to create an ethnic glamour with a street tribe style. A spicy, dynamic, contemporary look; that matches with anything if you've got the right attitude. 

Sexy and wavy long hair can give you a poetic, mysterious, wild, yet glamorous after dark look. Long hair revisited in the new 'laissé-faire' style: chic but casual. Texture is the key of sophisticated looks: soft contours with tender locks have a seductive effect.

This high fashion Sunset Princess hairstyle is ideal :for a fascinating evening in a beach club.  An alternative to the classical chignon, gives you a modern, sensual, playful and glamorous.evening look with expressive star-appeal.

This high casual up-do in blonde hair color is enhanced by the moonlight reflecting an exotic Asian blend of beauty. An after dark look that expresses the luxury and glamour of an independent it-girl lifestyle.
(Courtesy Intercoiffure Mondial - Press Office)