Get a Beautiful Smile (Pain Free) with Hyperbiotics PRO-Dental

Kick off the new year with a smile on your face, without the worries of painful dental treatments and costly dental care. America's famous brand of probiotic supplements: Hyperbiotics in sync with Fashionista Smile will guide you to obtain a beautiful smile, like a true fashionista.

Poor diet, busy lifestyle, disease, stress or antibiotics can compromise the balance of  healthy oral microflora, causing you to develop oral health and immune related problems. PRO-Dental is a revolutionary chewing tablet, that starts protecting your oral health from the inside to the outside, added to your daily routine of healthy meals, physical activity, brush, floss and rinse, can help you prevent cavities, staining, sensitive tooth and unhealthy gums, by integrating the good bacteria to keep the bad breath causing bacteria away, a brand new concept in the probiotic world as it focuses on repopulating your oral and nasal cavities. 

PRO-Dental by Hyperbiotics, is uniquely formulated with the most effective and clinically proven oral probiotic strains (including S. salivarius K12 and M18, L. reuteri and L. paracasei) to repopulate your oral cavity, a chewable tablet of a pleasant mint flavor, the tablet is big less than 1/2 inch, so you can seamlessly chew it while helps you fight most common upper respiratory issues such as recurrent sore throats, allergies, ear or sinus infections or from dental issues such as cavities, plaque, bad breath, teeth staining, gum disease, tonsil stones, or sensitive teeth. 

When your oral microbiome is populated with strong probiotic colonies, you are equipped with natural defenses against these nasty invaders. In fact, one clinical study shows that children treated with S. salivarius K12 have a 90% reduction in sore throats (including bacterial and viral) and a 40% reduction in ear infections!

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